Orest is an island in western Sweden , and Sweden’s third largest island. In 2014 Statistics Sweden declared it to be the fourth largest island, under a definition which adds artificial canals to the possible bodies of water surrounding an island. It has been noted that under this definition, all of Götaland would be the country’s largest island, rendering Orust instead the fifth largest. [2] The largest town on Orust is Henån , where approximately 1,800 inhabitants live. Orust is home to approximately 15,160 inhabitants in the winter and many more in the summer.

The main industry on Orust is the shipyards , the two largest being Najadvarvet and Hallberg-Rassy .

The largest town is Henån , and it is also the municipal capital. Other communities, including Ellös , Hälleviksstrand , Mollösund , Morlanda , Stocken , Svanesund , Svanvik and Varekil

International relations

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Twin towns – Sister cities

Orust is twinned with:

  •  Aalborg , Denmark [3]

See also

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