Aran Islands

The Aran Islands ( Irish : Oileáin Árann -pronunciation: [əlʲɑːnʲ ɑːɾən] ) or The Arans ( na hárainneacha – [nə hɑːɾənʲəxə] ) are a group of three islands located on the mouth of Galway Bay , on the west coast of Ireland , with total area of ​​about 46 square kilometers. They constitute the barony of Aran in County Galway , Ireland.

From west to east the islands are: Inishmore ( rainnʲ woːɾ) or ɪnnmh ( Inner Mór) [1] – the largest; Inishmaan ( Inis Mein / Inis Meadhin – [ɪnʲɪʃ mʲɑːnʲ] ), the second-largest; and Inisheer ( Inis Thiar / Inis Oírr / Inis Oirthir – [ɪnʲɪʃ hiəɾ / iːɾʲ / ɛɾʲhɪɾʲ] ), the smallest.

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Achill Island

Achill Island ( / æ k əl / ; Irish : Acaill, Oileán Acla ) in County Mayo is the Largest island off the coast of Ireland , and is Situated off the west coast. It has a population of 2,700. Its area is 148 km 2 (57 sq mi). Achill is attached to the mainland by Michael Davitt Bridge , between the villages of Gob an Choir ( Achill Sound ) and Poll Raithní ( Polranny ). A bridgewas also completed in 1947, and was later completed in 2008. Other centers of population include the villages of Keel, Dooagh , Dumha Eige ( Dooega ), Dun Ibhir ( Dooniver ) , The Valley and Dugort. The parish’s hand Gaelic football pitch and secondary school are on the mainland at Poll Raithní. Early human settlements are believed to be established on Achill around 3000 BC. A paddle dating from this period was found at the Crannóg near Dookinella. The island is 87% peat bog . The parish of Achill also includesCurraun peninsula . Some of the people of Curraun consider themselves to be Achill people, and most of them are Achill refer to this area. There are between 500-600 native Irish speakers in Achill parish. In the summer of 1996, the RNLI decided to station a lifeboat at Kildownet.

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