Bolshevik Island

Bolshevik Island ( Russian : остров Большевик , pronounced [ostrəf bəlʲʂɨvʲik] ) is an island in Severnaya Zemlya , Krasnoyarsk Krai , Russian Arctic.


The island, together with the eastern coast of What Was named Emperor Nicholas II Land , Was Discovered by Boris Vilkitsky at the time of the 1913 Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition . Its insularity, however, was not until 1931, when Georgy Ushakov and Nikolay Urvantsev charted the archipelago during their 1930-32 expedition. [2]

Prima Polar Station , [3] currently operating only in the South Polar Station operating in Severnaya Zemlya, Cape Baranov . [4]


It is the southernmost island and the second largest island in the group. The area of ​​this island has estimated at 11,270 km 2 (4,350 sq mi). [1] The island is mountainous reaching a height of 935 m. About 31% of Bolshevik Island, totaling over 3,300 km 2 (1,300 sq mi), are covered by glaciers , the largest are Leningrad Glacier , Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky Glacier , Kropotkin Glacier , Mushketov Glacier and Aerosyomki Glacier . Most of these ice formations do not reach the sea, ending in moraines in valleys or coastal plainshaving a sparse vegetation of moss and lichen . [5]

Parts of the shore of the island are deeply indented, with Mikoyan Bay in the northopening to the Shokalsky Strait , as well as fjords such as Akhmatov Fjord , Thaelmann Fjord , Spartak Fjord and Partizan Fjord . Cape Unslicht (Mys Peschanyy) is the northernmost point of Bolshevik Island [6] and Cape Neupokoyev at the SW end the southernmost. [7] Ostrov Tash is a small island located on Bolshevik’s southern shore. Lavrov Island and Blizky Island are located on NE shore andOstrov Lishniy off its northern tip.


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