Abruka is an 8.78 km² Estonian island in the Gulf of Riga , 4 km south of the island of Saaremaa .

Together with few neighboring smaller islands ( Vahase , Kasselaid , Linnusitamaa and Kirjurahu ) Abruka forms the village of Abruka, which is part of Lääne-Saare Parish , Saare County . The village has a population of 33 (as of 1 January 2011) [1] and an area of ​​10.1 km².

The first records of the population on Abruka originate from the Middle Ages, when the Bishop of Ösel-Wiek founded a horse breeding manor ( Abro ) there. Permanent population developed in the 18th century. 1881-1972 year elementary school operated on Abruka. [2]

Abruka is the site of a Central European-type broadleaf forest , which is rare in the region. To protect this nature was created in 1937.

There is a library (located in the harbor building) and a museum which is located on the side of the former manor park in Abruka (The Abruka House). [3]

Abruka can be reached by postboat Heili from Roomassaare harbor in Kuressaare . [4]

The twin writers Jüri Tuulik and Ülo Tuulik (born 1940) were born on Abruka.


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