It is challenging to run a large project with 14 partners in 5 countries for 4 years. The Toolkit Report explains a little of how we did it and what we achieved. The Toolkit represents the final results of the Coast Alive Project. A lot of work has gone into producing the final report. It is based on work, experiences and activities reported by all 14 partners in the project. It is a very practical analysis of the work we have presented here as ‘Initiatives’, mixed with the experiences we have gained in the job of actually running a project.

The Toolkit Report and Documentation will take you to the full report itself. We wanted to keep this brief, hoping that as many interested organizations as possible would have a look at it. Alongside this, we have provided some other documentation which you may find useful.

Initiatives is a collection of great ideas that work. It is how we have described a super collection of ways to activate people; for how to lift people out of the sofa and into the countryside; for how to work with different organizations; for how to organize hammock camping; for how to mobilise pensioners and check their health at the same time; for how to do geocaching and many, many other short and easy ideas that we tested. They are all aimed at local activities, but these have been tested by our partners. They are called Local Community Mobilisation Initiatives or CMIs for short. We know these can be done, someone, around the North Sea has already tried them. These are all short and easy to read reports, with a brief summary.

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