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    Antony Gormley is the artist behind the artwork "Broken Column", an original art installation consisting of 23 sculptures placed around the City of Stavanger.
    Photo:Terje Rakke 2002 ©Rogaland Reiseliv
    Photo:Stavanger kommune 2001 ©Stavanger kommune
  2. Sogndalstrand Welcomes Cyclists

    Whilst the "Cyclists Welcome" sign might sound particularly friendly and service minded to weary cyclists, you too will experience genuine friendliness and care at Sogndalstrand Kultur-hotel.
    Photo:T. Rathe aug. 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
    Photo:T. Rathe aug. 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
    Photo:T. Rathe aug 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
  3. Norway

    The North Sea Cycle Route follows National Cycle Route number 1 all the way from the Swedish border (Svinesund) to Bergen. The route is locally named "Kystruta" between Svinesund and Flekkefjord, and "Nordsjøruta" from Flekkefjord to Bergen.
  4. Park your bicycle safely while swimming or walking

    <p>Rather than carrying all your bags and gear with you when you are having a stop at the beach, you can now safely lock your luggage in architect designed boxes on special cycle parking sites in Rogaland.
  5. Rogaland

    Rogaland is a county with fjords, mountains, moorland and lakes and it has the mildest climate in Norway.
  6. The Open-Air house on Orre

    <P>The open-air information centre 'Friluftshuset' on Orre beach is worth a little detour. This is the only especially developed centre in Rogaland providing thorough information about the nature in Jæren. </P>
  7. Tjolöholm castle

    Turn off from the cycle trail at Torpa, south of Kungsbacka, for a look at Tjolöholm castle. This magnificent castle, which is situated by Kungsbackafjorden bay, was built in 1898 - 1904 in English Tudor style. The castle is a wonderful mixture of old-world atmosphere and new technology, advanced at the time. The area also has a church, a workers' village and a carriage museum.
  8. The fortress of Varberg

    As you approach Varberg, you are met by a magnificent sight - the fortress of Varberg. The fortress sits on a rock by the sea and dominates the Varberg townscape. Its oldest parts date back to the 13th century and were built by count Jacob Nielsen. It not only houses the county museum; there is also a restaurant, a café and a hostel. The fortress is open to the public daily throughout the year.
    Photo:Pierre Persson
  9. Getterön nature centre

    Two kilometres north of central Varberg is Getterön, a bird sanctuary said to be among the most species-rich in Sweden. Getterön is considered one of Northern Europe's finest bird habitats. The sanctuary is open to the public. Adjacent to the sanctuary is Getterön nature centre, which blends in well with the surroundings thanks to its reed roof. The facility houses an exhibition describing the area, its history and the bird species found here. There is also a shop and a café with fantastic views over the bird sanctuary.
  10. Äskhult village

    It is well worth making a detour to visit the village of Äskhult. An enchanting cow path takes you right into an authentic old farmhouse milieu with roots in the 17th and 18th century. Here you won't find much to remind you of the present. Old native breeds are grazing in the pasture, and in the kitchen garden you can see plant species grown here in the past.
    Photo:Jonas Gerdle


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