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  1. Cycle Path Opens From Klitmøller to Vorupør (Denmark) as Part of North Sea Trail Day Celebrations

    The cycle trip starts on 4 September 2011 from Nystrup Camping and goes approximately 14km to the Landingplads in Vorupør.
  2. Sleep under the stars in a hammock (DK)

    Experiencing nature is not just a question of being physical active; it can also involve sleeping under the stars in a hammock.
  3. Digitalised trails in North Jutland (DK)

    Have fun cycling and walking without a map.
  4. CMI Monkey Sunday

    This is one of many Community Mobilisation Initiatives developed by Coast Alive partners. This one was done by North Jutland, working with Danish Nature and Forest Agency, in Denmark. It was aimed at activating disaffected and deprived young people by providing an opportunity to experience a nature-based activity day.
  5. CMI The Great Outdoor Activities Day

    This activity was aimed at testing how best to attract the general public to a range of outdoor activities and ensure that as many as possible of them participated.
    One of the advertisements to attract visitors
    Some of the kayaks ready for action
    Kayaking is for all ages
    Fishing is always popular
    Geocaching is great fun for all the family
  6. Backpacks, what works and what is needed?

    This initiative was aimed at developing different sets of backpack content for different types of visitors. By developing sets of equipent, it was hoped that visitors would rent or buy a backpack suited to their interests or plans for the family. The project worked, but showed very different results from those originally anticipated.
    A night in the open, will it rain?
    I don't care if it rains....
    Snug and ready
    Nordic walking
    Backpacks for all-year experiences
  7. Walking festival in North Jutland (DK)

    The annual walking festivals in October in North Jutland (DK) have been boosting with interesting walks.
    Walking festival in North Jutland (DK)
  8. Climb mountains in Denmark

    Opening of the first “mountain range” in North Jutland (DK)
  9. Map shows the way to good fishing sites

    An interactive fishing map presents more than 100 different fishing spots along the coast of North Jutland.
  10. Folk High School for seniors in Thy National Park

    Week-long course with focus on experiencing the culture and countryside of a Danish national park


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