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  1. Essex

    Bordering the North Sea, Essex has a long coastline penetrated by broad estuaries which are of great importance for nature conservation.
  2. The Netherlands

    In the Netherlands the North Sea Cycle Route follows the Noordzee route in the west from the border near Sluis to Callantsoog (LF1) and in the north the Waddenzee route (LF10).
  3. South-Holland

    South-Holland is the most densely Dutch province. Rotterdam, the second largest harbour in the world following Sjanghai, as well as the Hague, the seat of government both lie in the province of South-Holland. The cities are close to the route, even if you follow the quiet cycle paths through the dunes.
  4. Friesland

    The LF10 Waddenzeeroute enters Friesland via the 32 km long Afsluitdijk, which, since 1932, connects North-Holland with Friesland and cuts off the former Zuider Zee from the Wadden sea.
  5. Groningen

    On the border with Friesland the route runs along the dike which changed the Lauwerszee into the Lauwersmeer in 1969. This lake is part nature reserve, part military exercise area.
  6. Germany

    Culture or nature - take your pick.
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    ©Touristikgemeinschaft Wesermarsch
  7. Bremerhaven

    Founded in 1827, Bremerhaven today enjoys an enviable reputation among the seaports of the world.
    Photo:Werner Huthmacher ©Deutsches Auswandererhaus
    ©BIS Bremerhaven Touristik
    ©BIS Bremerhaven Touristik
    ©BIS Bremerhaven Touristik
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    ©BIS Bremerhaven Touristik
    ©BIS Bremerhaven Touristik
    ©BIS Bremerhaven Touristik
  8. Hamburg

    Hamburg is a green city. 20 percent of the city area is covered with parks, recreation areas, forests and a huge network of lakes, rivers and canals which add to the city`s recreational qualities.
  9. Wesermarsch

    Wesermarsch - a land between the waters of the Jade Bay, the North Sea and the River Weser.
  10. Dithmarschen

    Dithmarschen is one of the North Sea holiday regions of Schleswig-Holstein that are characterised by undisturbed scenery such as the Wadden Sea National Park, and a friendly and hospitable population.


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