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  1. The Archipelagiopark - facilitated areas for the public in Lister.

    Enjoying outdooractivity in Lister gets easier and easier. The last couple of years a number of areas has been facilitated for the public, and there are more to come. The website gives accurate information over where , when and how.
    Listeid, Farsund, the Archipelagiopark.
  2. Digitalised trails in North Jutland (DK)

    Have fun cycling and walking without a map.
  3. Good websites for walks in Norway.

    Do you need ideas and inspiration for nice walk in your area, or at a place you visit in Norway. Both and gives good descriptions and relevant information for finding experiences in all of Norway.
    From Bøensbakken, Farsund.
  4. Charged for the route

    An active lifestyle is good for your health. Cycling is good for you. It is a daily exercise that most people are aible to do. But sometimes people just need a small push in the right direction. That is what the electrical bike can do for you. The electrical bike is good to enhance mobility , improve your health and is good for the environment. Users cycle faster, more and longer distances.
  5. Cycle Path Opens From Klitmøller to Vorupør (Denmark) as Part of North Sea Trail Day Celebrations

    The cycle trip starts on 4 September 2011 from Nystrup Camping and goes approximately 14km to the Landingplads in Vorupør.
  6. Testarticle - developers 1

    Used to test the functionality of the coast-alive site

    Antony Gormley is the artist behind the artwork "Broken Column", an original art installation consisting of 23 sculptures placed around the City of Stavanger.
    Photo:Terje Rakke 2002 ©Rogaland Reiseliv
    Photo:Stavanger kommune 2001 ©Stavanger kommune
  8. Sogndalstrand Welcomes Cyclists

    Whilst the "Cyclists Welcome" sign might sound particularly friendly and service minded to weary cyclists, you too will experience genuine friendliness and care at Sogndalstrand Kultur-hotel.
    Photo:T. Rathe aug. 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
    Photo:T. Rathe aug. 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
    Photo:T. Rathe aug 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
  9. Norway

    The North Sea Cycle Route follows National Cycle Route number 1 all the way from the Swedish border (Svinesund) to Bergen. The route is locally named "Kystruta" between Svinesund and Flekkefjord, and "Nordsjøruta" from Flekkefjord to Bergen.
  10. Park your bicycle safely while swimming or walking

    <p>Rather than carrying all your bags and gear with you when you are having a stop at the beach, you can now safely lock your luggage in architect designed boxes on special cycle parking sites in Rogaland.


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