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  1. The Coast Alive Buff in the Andes

    The Coast Alive 'Buff' quickly became very popular amongst walkers. So much so, that some got to travel quite far!
  2. International Appalachian Trail, new section opened

    The IAT from Slieve League in Donegal to Larne in Northern Ireland was opened at the end of August 2013. Cotton Joe an Appalachian Trail vet has already walked it. And then he did the Scottish leg all the way from Strandraer to Cape Wrath.
  3. International Appalachian Trail meeting

    The IAT met in BAlloch in Scotland in September 2013 for their Annual Meeting. It was a great session with lots of progress being reported on the path network.
  4. Randaberg Village Conference and Activity Days

    Randaberg Village Conference has a goal of becoming the leading arena in Norway focusing on health, nutrition, physical activity and well-being. The conference aims to create increased interest in good health and the consequences of good health for the individual, businesses and the state.
    Kindergarten children receive goodie bags before the hike . Photo: Ove Tennfjord.
    A hike for everyone. Photo: Ove Tennfjord.
    Goodie bag from Rogaland County Council and Coast Alive! Photo: Eli Viten.
  5. Kystmarsjen - "The Coastal March"

    As a community mobilisation initiative (CMI), Rogaland County Council in partnership with private actors, arranged a two days' coastal march along the North Sea Trail which is envisaged to continue as an annual event.
    Photo: Rogaland County Council.
    Photo: Rogaland County Council.
    Photo: Joyvitae
  6. Outdoor education - Ut i Sekken

    The “Ut i sekken” project is an outdoor education service which content should be adapted to elementary school. CLASSROOM – OUTDOORS. Eventually, some of the activities in “Ut i sekken” developed somewhat towards a “cleaner” activity day. All activities teach students general outdoor activities, how to act in the wild and how to use the nature.
  7. Longer Routes, Post Routes and Pilgrims' Trails

    "Routes such as post roads and coastal routes are significant in historical context, moreover to promote outdoor recreation. We would like to facilitate such routes to be used both by locals as well as tourists." The aim of the work on pervasive routes can be found in performance/object dimension 5: "1-3 pervasive routes have been made available.” In the meeting of the working group on 02/03/2010 it was agreed to work towards Trondheim’s post route (post road) and on an east-west stretch of water directed towards kayaking. During the project period, work has been specifically directed toward the post road. Additionally, contacts have been established and participation in meetings in projects related to the ‘Pilgrimsleia’ In this case we worked with a stretch tied to the coastal road between Selja and Nidaros, and with a stretch from Valldal to the ‘Pilgrimsleia’ from Oslo to Nidaros. The stretch from Valldal is particularly related to legends and myths in connection with Olav the Holy journey through ‘Valldalen.’
  8. Health Walks, circular routes in the community

    Måre og Romsdal decided to continue their development of local walks to help draw local people out and for them to have access to walking routes in their local environment.
  9. Mapping trips in Møre og Romsdal

    In Møre and Romsdal, there are many different trips and outdoor areas for various types of activities. There are also many books describing tours/trips, and people are generally fond of nature. There are areas that are more used than others though. Therefore, we developed a tool in the form of a database that could be used in various ways.
    At one with nature
  10. International Appalachian Trail

    The Coast Alive partners decided early on in the project that it would be very useful to team up with the International Appalachian Trail partnership. Now we all work together to develop routes, and to share marketing platforms for our many walkers. We always hope that some of the famous 'Through Hikers' from the Appalachian Trail will hit our North Sea trails. They will all be made very welcome.


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