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  1. Tree planting in Qanasiassat, Greenland

    It was decided to do a small project in paralell with Coast Alive, namely to contribute 5% of our travel budgets to finance a treeplanting initiative in Southern Greenland.
    Tree planting area, Greenland
    The area dedicated to planting
    Anne together with Henrik and Anders
    Aqqalooraq flanked by Henrik and Anders

    This is one of many Community Mobilisation Initiatives developed by Coast Alive partners. This one was done by Rogaland County Council, with local partners in Norway. It was aimed at encouraging local people to walk or cycle ride in their local neighbourhood and encouraging them to invite their friends and acquaintances to join in.
    Waterside activity - Haugalandet
    Hiking with the dog
    Hiking with the dog
    Kids fun
    Kids fun
    Newspaper coverage
    Newspaper coverage
    Outdoor cooking in style
    Outdoor cooking in style
    Catching lunch
    Catching lunch
    Young logging expert
    Young logging expert
    Moving images
    Moving images

    This is one of many Community Mobilisation Initiatives developed by Coast Alive partners. This one was done by Rogaland County Council as a lead into initiatives with other local partners in Norway. A promotional product was developed for use as a ‘give-away’ or prize at events that Coast Alive partners might wish to run, being useful for motivating participation.
    Multifunction 'head-necker' in use
  4. Test - multimediasamling

  5. From Ice Age to Ice Age

    The trail is about 5 km long and starts nearby Berg-Kragerø museum. Walking its entire length will take about 2 ½ hours. Snacks, cool drinks and coffee can be purchased before or after in the new museum building. And the museum itself is also well worth a visit.
  6. Nordberg Fort, cultural and natural heritage in one.

    Visit Nordberg Fort, placed in the fantastic culturallandscape of Lista, visit the musem, see the rockcarvings at Penne, take in the fantastic view and ramble if you feel like it.
    Nordberg Fort
    The trenches at Nordberg Fort.
  7. Edvard Munch and Kragerø

    Invitation to get to know the paintings of Edvard Munch by participating in a guided tour in the city of Kragerø
  8. Gea Norvegica Geopark

    Geology and nature Gea Norvegica Geopark is the first European Geopark in Scandinavia. It is located in southeastern Norway, and includes the municipality of Kragerø.
  9. Mills and Milling

    Although the east coast of Britain is much dryer than the west coast it still receives sufficient rain that, coupled with the steep sided valleys, leads to rapid run-off and powerful steams, an ideal location for the siting of water mills. Although only about a dozen mills are recorded for the area in the Domesday Survey (1085/6), by early medieval times they were well established throughout the North York Moors.
    Photo:Alan Staniforth 2005 ©Alan Staniforth
    Photo:Alan Staniforth 2005 ©Alan Staniforth
  10. Dunbar Castle

    The fragmentary remains of Dunbar Castle give little indication that it was a large fortress of great strategic importance. The Castle commanded the principal route to the North when Scotland was frequently under attack from England.
    Photo:Andrew Spratt 2005 ©Andrew Spratt
    Photo:R Sinclair Not known ©East Lothian Council
    Photo:Andrew Ralton 2005 ©East Lothian Council


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