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  1. NORWEGIAN HIKING FESTIVAL - Planning and Event

    This is one of many Community Mobilisation Initiatives developed by Coast Alive partners. This one was done by Møre and Romsdal County with local partners in Norway. It aimed to create an increased focus on hiking, public health and use of organized nature based activities, to stimulate nature and culture based development, strengthen local outdoor life identity, encourage and engage local societies, upgrade and professionalise the use of hiking products for tourists and the local population, create an increased consciousness of a sustainable environment and of sustainable tourism and promote Norway and Nordmøre and its qualities as a hiking destination.
    Festival Web Page
    Festival Web Page
  2. Best practice: The Annual Norwegian Walking Festival

    The Annual Norwegian Walking Festival is a successful example of public private partnership working together to capitalise on the special qualities of the region of Nordmore to promote public health, encourage local economy and establish sustainable tourism as a philosophy.
    Walking on water
    Girl walking across the brook
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