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  1. Randaberg Village Conference and Activity Days

    Randaberg Village Conference has a goal of becoming the leading arena in Norway focusing on health, nutrition, physical activity and well-being. The conference aims to create increased interest in good health and the consequences of good health for the individual, businesses and the state.
    Kindergarten children receive goodie bags before the hike . Photo: Ove Tennfjord.
    A hike for everyone. Photo: Ove Tennfjord.
    Goodie bag from Rogaland County Council and Coast Alive! Photo: Eli Viten.

    This is one of many Community Mobilisation Initiatives developed by Coast Alive partners. This one was done by Rogaland County Council with local partners in Norway. It was aimed at removing physical barriers to access to outdoor recreation areas and increasing the number of disabled people using outdoor recreation areas.
    Åkrasanden, Are and Vistehola
  3. Climb mountains in Denmark

    Opening of the first “mountain range” in North Jutland (DK)
  4. Best practice: The Annual Norwegian Walking Festival

    The Annual Norwegian Walking Festival is a successful example of public private partnership working together to capitalise on the special qualities of the region of Nordmore to promote public health, encourage local economy and establish sustainable tourism as a philosophy.
    Walking on water
    Girl walking across the brook
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