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  1. Backpacks, what works and what is needed?

    This initiative was aimed at developing different sets of backpack content for different types of visitors. By developing sets of equipent, it was hoped that visitors would rent or buy a backpack suited to their interests or plans for the family. The project worked, but showed very different results from those originally anticipated.
    A night in the open, will it rain?
    I don't care if it rains....
    Snug and ready
    Nordic walking
    Backpacks for all-year experiences
  2. CMI The Great Outdoor Activities Day

    This activity was aimed at testing how best to attract the general public to a range of outdoor activities and ensure that as many as possible of them participated.
    One of the advertisements to attract visitors
    Some of the kayaks ready for action
    Kayaking is for all ages
    Fishing is always popular
    Geocaching is great fun for all the family
  3. Pearls in the North Sea Trail – End of Story?

    The project ”Pearls in the North Sea Trail” was formally closed at the end of 2010. It was funded under the ”Value Creation Programme” from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, running form 2006 – 2010 with the objective of develop new innovative projects related to cultural heritage. So what came out of it all? The overall lesson learned is that he successful projects has taken local traditions and local cultural heritage as their point of departure. By transforming these through art and make these available trough signed and guided tours new products are created that is interesting both to the local population and tourists.
  4. The active living Project (GALM-SCALA)

    The active living project (GALM-SCALA) is a project for people from 55-65 years who haven't undertaken sports (much) for a long time. It is used in order to change behaviour from an inactive to an active lifestyle. The program takes 1,5 year and contains 5 steps
  5. Best practice: The Annual Norwegian Walking Festival

    The Annual Norwegian Walking Festival is a successful example of public private partnership working together to capitalise on the special qualities of the region of Nordmore to promote public health, encourage local economy and establish sustainable tourism as a philosophy.
    Walking on water
    Girl walking across the brook
  6. The impact of recreational use on heritage areas in Rogaland, Norway - a framework

    We have developed a simple framework for mapping the impact of recreational use on heritage areas through a four-step process that will assist in developing appropriate management of our natural and cultural heritage areas.
    Åkrasanden. Photo: Rogaland County Council.
    Åkrasanden. Example of the effect of a facilitated path on the use/impact relationship. Photo: Rogaland County Council.
    Åkrasanden on a beautiful summer's day.
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