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  1. Benchmarking Nordberg fort, further information

    There is a need for developing the outdoor area as a recreational area as well as preserving it in a way which connects it to the site’s history. It is desirable to establish a benchmark for such an assessment.
    Gun position and trenches
    View from AA position
    View from AA position
  2. Grading of outdoor space for the public - method

    Registration and evaluation of recreation areas in Rogaland.
    Photo: Rogaland County Council.
  3. Landscape Biographies

    Prof. Theo Spek from University of Groningen is doing a brilliant job of interpreting the landscape and drawing out, for us all the fascinating details of what the trained eye can spot and the skilled mind can process....
    Gardar Cathedral, Igaliku, Greenland
    Eric the Red's home,
    Viking Settlement, Brattalid, Narsarsuaq, Greenland
    Potatoes in the Faroes
    North York Moors
  4. Support for small business

    The Project worked closely with the British Federation of Small Business (FSB) in an attempt to seek to identify business opportunities along the path network. Combining path use with business development is challenging. Many of the activities within the Coast Alive project ended not achieving this dual goal of path and business improvement.
  5. Culture and The Trading Zone

    Kulturmiljø Halland has done some very interesting work on how best to approach the issues around building and landscape conservation and restoration. It has very much been part of the debate within the project how much local input there is around the North Sea when such issues are determined.
    Neglected and ignored
    Neglected and ignored
  6. Climate Risk

    The Project has on certain parts of the work had great support and a very useful relationship with the UK Climate Impact Programme (UKCIP), based at Oxford. Their expertise, based on climate data and actual climate related incidents, is highly relevant and should be accessed and used far more than what is the case. Theirs is a very sound and business-related approach to the potential impacts of alterations in the climate. It is not the change we need to debate, it is the level of risk of damage as a result of the change, on which we need to focus.
  7. A changing Climate

    As we head for a period of milder more extreme weather cycles, the changes in climate do pose a range of risks for us, both to our natural and our cultural heritage. The project has looked at this range of challenges and risks and has worked with external experts to highlight the issues and to make the information accessible to people around us. The note below represents some of the thinking and the discussion points looked at during the course of the project. The documents added to the note are all valuable contributions to this learning.
  8. Walking for Health (England)

    Walking for Health (WfH)is a national scheme in England which encourages more people to become physically active in their local communities by supporting the development of health walks in local areas led by volunteers. The WfH model includes resources and structures to ensure the sustainability of schemes.
  9. Connect Children and Environment

    Children took part in walks along various parts of the Cleveland Way and North Sea Trail. The focus was on increasing awareness of the National Park and the coast, as well as building confidence in using the countryside and experiencing outdoor activities.
  10. Backpacks, what works and what is needed?

    This initiative was aimed at developing different sets of backpack content for different types of visitors. By developing sets of equipent, it was hoped that visitors would rent or buy a backpack suited to their interests or plans for the family. The project worked, but showed very different results from those originally anticipated.
    A night in the open, will it rain?
    I don't care if it rains....
    Snug and ready
    Nordic walking
    Backpacks for all-year experiences


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