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  1. Support for small business

    The Project worked closely with the British Federation of Small Business (FSB) in an attempt to seek to identify business opportunities along the path network. Combining path use with business development is challenging. Many of the activities within the Coast Alive project ended not achieving this dual goal of path and business improvement.

    This is one of many Community Mobilisation Initiatives developed by Coast Alive partners. This one was done by Sogn og Fjordane County Council with local partners in Norway. It was aimed to protect the paths in order to prevent wear and tear and, as a result, enable and cope with increased activity on the path.

    This is one of many Community Mobilisation Initiatives developed by Coast Alive partners. This one was done by Rogaland County Council as a lead into initiatives with other local partners in Norway. A promotional product was developed for use as a ‘give-away’ or prize at events that Coast Alive partners might wish to run, being useful for motivating participation.
    Multifunction 'head-necker' in use
  4. Tourism, leisure and sustainable development on the coast, EURISY event

    Workshop with EURISY on the use of satellite services in regional development
  5. The Archipelagiopark - facilitated areas for the public in Lister.

    Enjoying outdooractivity in Lister gets easier and easier. The last couple of years a number of areas has been facilitated for the public, and there are more to come. The website gives accurate information over where , when and how.
    Listeid, Farsund, the Archipelagiopark.
  6. Enjoy coastal paths in Kragerø

    Rent a cabin and have a nice holiday.
  7. The Coastal Saga Weeks

    The Coastal Saga Weeks (Kystsogevekene) is an annual event for mobilising and visualising the traditional Norwegian coastal culture. The event takes place form mid-August to end September each year. The event hosts around 150 different events scattered along the coast of Hordaland, and attracts 35.000 visitors.
  8. Avalanche alert!

    Coast Alive! has part funded a new and exciting initiative to create a web based avalanche alert service initially in the region of More and Romsdal.
    Avalanche alert tracking
  9. Charged for the route

    An active lifestyle is good for your health. Cycling is good for you. It is a daily exercise that most people are aible to do. But sometimes people just need a small push in the right direction. That is what the electrical bike can do for you. The electrical bike is good to enhance mobility , improve your health and is good for the environment. Users cycle faster, more and longer distances.
  10. Sogndalstrand Welcomes Cyclists

    Whilst the "Cyclists Welcome" sign might sound particularly friendly and service minded to weary cyclists, you too will experience genuine friendliness and care at Sogndalstrand Kultur-hotel.
    Photo:T. Rathe aug. 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
    Photo:T. Rathe aug. 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
    Photo:T. Rathe aug 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune


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