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  1. Grading of outdoor space for the public - method

    Registration and evaluation of recreation areas in Rogaland.
    Photo: Rogaland County Council.
  2. Support for small business

    The Project worked closely with the British Federation of Small Business (FSB) in an attempt to seek to identify business opportunities along the path network. Combining path use with business development is challenging. Many of the activities within the Coast Alive project ended not achieving this dual goal of path and business improvement.
  3. Gradering av uteområder for alle - metodikk

    Registrering og evaluering av friluftslivsområder i Rogaland
    Foto: Rogaland fylkeskommune.
  4. Country or Region

    You can select to look at the initiatives developed and tested by any one of the partner countries or by the individual partners.
  5. Activities

    The huge range of activities described in all of these short documents has been grouped into these cateories. The titles do not do justice to all the effort and all the excitement created by these little projects.
  6. Themes

    The three themes were decided at the first work session of the partnership. They reflect a genuine interest in exploring three areas of work. Over time, however, we have seen many of the Initiatives be of a nature that crosses into at least one if not both of the two other themes.
  7. Initiatives

    We have organized the Initiatives in three different ways to try to ease access. Each of these is a very broad category.
  8. Toolkit

    It is challenging to run a large project with 14 partners in 5 countries for 4 years. The Toolkit Report explains a little of how we did it and what we achieved. The Toolkit represents the final results of the Coast Alive Project. A lot of work has gone into producing the final report. It is based on work, experiences and activities reported by all 14 partners in the project. It is a very practical analysis of the work we have presented here as ‘Initiatives’, mixed with the experiences we have gained in the job of actually running a project.
  9. Backpacks, what works and what is needed?

    This initiative was aimed at developing different sets of backpack content for different types of visitors. By developing sets of equipent, it was hoped that visitors would rent or buy a backpack suited to their interests or plans for the family. The project worked, but showed very different results from those originally anticipated.
    A night in the open, will it rain?
    I don't care if it rains....
    Snug and ready
    Nordic walking
    Backpacks for all-year experiences
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