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  1. Norfolk County Council (UK) Launches Circular Walks Books

    Norfolk County Council have launched a suite of circular walks booklets for coastal market towns in the County. These four exciting and colourful booklets are designed to show the distinctive cultural and natural features of the area in which you are walking.
  2. Good websites for walks in Norway.

    Do you need ideas and inspiration for nice walk in your area, or at a place you visit in Norway. Both and gives good descriptions and relevant information for finding experiences in all of Norway.
    From Bøensbakken, Farsund.
  3. ”The Child Wanderer Path” – a longdistance walk in the inner Agder-region.

    From Kvinesdal in the west to Landvik (Grimstad) in the east you can follow 136 of well marked kilometers in the footpaths of the Childwanderers, as seen in the movie “Yohan – the childwanderer.”
    Naturlos along the path in Kvinesdal
  4. The Coastal Saga Weeks

    The Coastal Saga Weeks (Kystsogevekene) is an annual event for mobilising and visualising the traditional Norwegian coastal culture. The event takes place form mid-August to end September each year. The event hosts around 150 different events scattered along the coast of Hordaland, and attracts 35.000 visitors.
  5. Naturlos, a norwegian naturguideconcept.

    A brochure packed with walks where guides tells you about nature, culture - or both. This is it, and it is all for free. The "Naturlos" concept is an absolute success.
    Naturlos in Lyngdal
    Naturlos Markøy
    Naturlos Markøy.
  6. Nordberg Fort, cultural and natural heritage in one.

    Visit Nordberg Fort, placed in the fantastic culturallandscape of Lista, visit the musem, see the rockcarvings at Penne, take in the fantastic view and ramble if you feel like it.
    Nordberg Fort
    The trenches at Nordberg Fort.
  7. Pearls in the North Sea Trail – End of Story?

    The project ”Pearls in the North Sea Trail” was formally closed at the end of 2010. It was funded under the ”Value Creation Programme” from the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, running form 2006 – 2010 with the objective of develop new innovative projects related to cultural heritage. So what came out of it all? The overall lesson learned is that he successful projects has taken local traditions and local cultural heritage as their point of departure. By transforming these through art and make these available trough signed and guided tours new products are created that is interesting both to the local population and tourists.
  8. The Archipelagiopark - facilitated areas for the public in Lister.

    Enjoying outdooractivity in Lister gets easier and easier. The last couple of years a number of areas has been facilitated for the public, and there are more to come. The website gives accurate information over where , when and how.
    Listeid, Farsund, the Archipelagiopark.
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