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  1. Sogndalstrand Welcomes Cyclists

    Whilst the "Cyclists Welcome" sign might sound particularly friendly and service minded to weary cyclists, you too will experience genuine friendliness and care at Sogndalstrand Kultur-hotel.
    Photo:T. Rathe aug. 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
    Photo:T. Rathe aug. 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
    Photo:T. Rathe aug 2005 ©Rogaland fylkeskommune
  2. Park your bicycle safely while swimming or walking

    <p>Rather than carrying all your bags and gear with you when you are having a stop at the beach, you can now safely lock your luggage in architect designed boxes on special cycle parking sites in Rogaland.
  3. Lerwick

    Lerwick is Britain's most northerly town, and the first stop on the North Sea Cycle Route in Scotland if you are heading south.
  4. Sullom Voe

    Sullom Voe is an inlet between North Mainland and Northmavine on Shetland in Scotland, and an oil terminal sited on its shore. It marks another days ride around the coast of Shetland from Sumburgh Head.
  5. Yell

    Yell is Shetland's second-biggest island (83 square miles/212km2) and probably the Otter capital of Britain.
  6. Kirkwall

    Kirkwall is the first North Sea Cycle Route stop in the Orkney Islands.
  7. Banff

    The Royal Burgh of Banff and the burgh of Macduff are twin burghs in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
  8. Charged for the route

    An active lifestyle is good for your health. Cycling is good for you. It is a daily exercise that most people are aible to do. But sometimes people just need a small push in the right direction. That is what the electrical bike can do for you. The electrical bike is good to enhance mobility , improve your health and is good for the environment. Users cycle faster, more and longer distances.
  9. Tourism, leisure and sustainable development on the coast, EURISY event

    Workshop with EURISY on the use of satellite services in regional development
  10. Free Trade PH

    Pub with best view in England
    Photo: C Percy 22-06-05 © Newcastle City Council
    Photo: Colin Percy 13-02-05 © Colin Percy


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