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  1. The Losna knights - important men in our national history

    During the 1300s and the 1400s, Losna was the seat and the base of one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the country. A good nose for finances and politics, as well as total loyalty, brought them to the top in the royal hierarchy.
  2. The Hess family business at Buskøy

    The old patrician seat of Buskøy, with a trade and inn-keeping license from 1705, has been the home of several enterprising and successful people. For a whole generation, one of the most important fishing companies in the country had its base here.
  3. Cover against the seal, hiding places at the water's edge

    In a number of places along the coast, seal hunting from land has taken place. A sheltered bay with skerries and rocks near the shore was a good platform for the seal hunter. But the seal is wary, and a cover or a place which the hunter could hide behind, was required.
  4. Husefjellet - signal station in the mountain

    From the signal station on Husefjellet the Germans could monitor the traffic through the shipping lane of Indre Steinsund. In addition, they had an unobstructed view of Sognesjøen. All through the war, a crew of 10-12 military personnel were stationed there. Their primary task was to report enemy planes and suspicious boat traffic.
  5. Begla - weapons depot with sinister shadows

    The bay of Beglevågen in westernmost Solund must be the smallest in the country. Here the resistance movement had a weapons depot during the Second World War. The Germans detected the depot and went into action on 2 May, 1943. Four men were arrested and sent to prison camps in Germany.


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