The Coast Alive Project has produced a few short information films. These have been made using resources available at the time of production. The films have been seen as important means of communication.

Coast Alive, an Introduction, sets out to introduce the partners by way of spectacular scenery. All the photographs were provided by the partners themselves.

Coast Alive, the Path is a film produced using footage kindly provided by TV Vest in Denmark. They produced a series of TV programmes after sending a camera crew all around the North Sea. Later we were offered some of their film to promote the new project.

Give your Boots an Airing is a short film produced for U-Tube to promote a Danish event. We bought the rights to use the film with our own voice over as a very quick way of marketing Coast Alive.

The Child Wanderer Path   is a great film of the south Norwegian path beaten by poor children moving east in the summer to earn money for their families. Now we can follow in their footsteps, comfortable in the knowledge that the beautiful landscape will offer nothing but pleasure, great views and wonderful experiences.

The Toolkit Animation is a brilliant film produced for us by Flagler Films to help illustrate the main results from the project. We all saw a great animation called ‘23 and ½ hours’ which explains so well why we need exercise. Would it be possible to tell outsiders what Coast Alive had achieved, using our own animation? We think it is possible, please have a look yourself.

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