Naturlos, a norwegian naturguideconcept.

Naturlos in Lyngdal
A brochure packed with walks where guides tells you about nature, culture - or both. This is it, and it is all for free. The "Naturlos" concept is an absolute success.

Do you want to take a walk in the woods, long or short, do you want someone to join you and maybe tell you something about the nature where you are going, the birds or animals in the area or the cultural heritage you come across. Among others the inhabitants of the Vest-Agder County can choose from a long list of events supplying just this, and there is no charge. Each year a brochure is distributed to all households with detailed information about each and every "naturlos"-event throughout the year. The organizers are locally based, and they provide a guide with the knowledge to make it a learning experience for the participants.

In Vest-Agder the Outdoor Activty Boards does an important job organising the brochure, collecting information from all the local organisations providing the events.

The brochure, and the website provides detailed information about date, time, place, theme and who the different events are suited for, all listed by date and with nice pictures to go. Find a n event where you are or where you are going, and enjoy.

Naturlos Markøy
Naturlos Markøy.
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