Egersund Pottery Museum

Egersund Pottery Museum shows the production from A/S Egersund Fayancefabriks Co (1847 ? 1979) When the factory was closed down in 1979, Dalane Folkmuseum took over the collection of old and newer stoneware, forms, engraved copper plates, pattern drawings and reords.

The exhebition
The museum exhibits a varied selection of the production from A/S Egersund Fayancefabriks Co through all its 132 years of existence. Among other things it is about everyday stoneware of innumerable patterns and decorations, monumental vases, ornamental plates and sculptures.

How to get here?
The museum opened in 1986 and is located on the second floor of Elganeveien 1, one km from the center of Egersund.

Follow sign ? Egersund Fajansemuseum? from rd 42.
Opening hours:
From mid June to mid August: Every day
Rest of the year: Open on Sundays

Sources: Dalane Folkemuseum

©Dalane Folkemuseum
©Dalane Folkemuseum
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